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Turkey Club


roasted garlic spread,pickle jalapeno,on a

wheat bread. $12.00 



Avocado,lettuce,sprouts,grilled zucchini and 

squash,roasted bell peppers,herb hummus,goat cheese,on a grain bread. $12.00


Tuna salad

Albacore tuna salad,lettuce,tomato,on a grain bread. $12.00




Cubano (Media Noche)

Ham,pork,swiss cheese,pickles,mustard on a Cubano bread. $12.00


Chicken Banh Mi

Vietnam version, grilled chicken,mayonnaise,

avocado,carrots and dikon slaw,jalapenos,cucumber,

cilantro on crispy baguette. $12.00


El Gaucho

Carne asada,sausage,roasted poblano pepper,garlic aioli,chimichurri on a crispy baguette. $13.00

86 Burger

100% Angus beef,American cheese,lettuce,

red onions,tomato,chipotle aioli,bacon,

brioche bun $13.00

The Impossible Burger

Plant base burger,lettuce,red onions,tomato,chipotle aioli,vegan cheese,avocado,vegan brioche bun. $13.00

All served with your choice of potato fries,

sweet fries, mix fries, salad or soup of the day.




Sweet fries   $4.00

Regular fries $4.00


Vernazza Calamari

Fried crispy calamari mix, served with cocktail sauce and lemon.


Fried Cauliflower

Truffle flavor roasted cauliflower with capers and parmesan cheese.



Street Corn

A tasty grilled corn in the cob with cotija cheese, mayonnaise and Tajin


BBQ Ribs

1/3 OF A Rack BBQ ribs served with choice of Fries or sweet potato fries or salad


Salads and Soups


Mix Green Salad


carrots,parmesan cheese,tajin spice,citrus dressing


Add $3.00 grilled chicken


soup of the day $6.00


Kids Menu

served with fries

Chicken Tenders $8.00

 Grilled Cheese $8.00


 Fountain Drinks $2.50


520 465-6161

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